Anna Soubry Tells May: ‘I’ll Quit Tories Over Hard Brexit’

Anna Soubry (pictured above) has become the first Conservative MP to break ranks and threaten to quit the party over a ‘Hard’ Brexit. Ms. Soubry said that she was prepared to leave and join a new pro-European party if Mrs May continued to pursue the current hard party line on leaving the EU.

Soubry, a former Business Minister, said her ‘country must come before her party’ as she set out why she would be prepared to walk away from the Tories.

Writing in the Mail On Sunday, the Broxtowe MP warned Theresa May that she should side with ‘wise owls’ such as Chancellor Philip Hammond to stop Brexiteers ‘plunging this country headlong into an economic nightmare’.

She also warned that once the public realises they have been ‘conned’ by the Brexit-campaigners, ‘all options must go back on the table’ – clear support for a second referendum. Soubry said:

‘We must face up to the Brexit reality: It is fantasy to think we are going to get a good deal from the EU based on our current negotiating strategy.

‘People will soon see how they have been conned by the Brexiteers. All options must go back on the table.

‘I am proud of my loyalty to my party and my country. People have asked me two questions, if the worst happened and we staggered recklessly towards a ‘Hard Brexit’ that would destroy the lives and livelihoods of my constituents: Could I ever see myself joining with like-minded people who want to save our country from such an appalling fate? And has that moment arrived yet?

The answer to the first question is ‘it is not impossible’; the answer to the second is ‘no’.

But I would be betraying my principles if I did not make it clear that country must always come before party.’

Talk of a new pro-European party to halt Brexit has been circulating since the 2016 referendum result, but nothing concrete has emerged. Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair has repeatedly called for the centre-left of British politics to be remade in the light of the EU referendum and General Election results, but has been lukewarm on suggestions of starting a new party.

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  1. Its is not your Foreign Constituents that matter but the Dictatorship of EU Laws and Bureacracy that are turning a Christian County in Muslim Doss House in every Town and City throughout the UK. And you Politicians are responsible for that.
    Its High Time You immigrated to your Beloved EU enjoy what Allahu-Akbar has to offer.

  2. How soon can I clap my hands when she is gone,the sooner the better, people voted to get out of the EU and that cannot be quick enough

  3. We had a vote and I voted ‘Leave’, if the result had been ‘Remain’ I would have accepted that, although disappointed. I know that the UK has tabled over 70 amendments to the EU constitution – every one has been voted out, but most of the amendments put forward by other members have been passed, and we have been obliged to accept them even though many are not helpful to us. Sorry, but time to get out and get our country back and make our own rules and regulations.

  4. Why are you an MP if you cannot realise that the majority of the UK want a hard Bexit. You need to look at figures pre the 1970s to see that we were far more prosperous and happy without the EU, and that originally we only signed up for a common market not to be ruled by the EU. We are a sovereign state not a subsidiary of the EU who try to rule without proper statutes, waste money and enjoy a money grab from all their member states to fund their jolies. They can’t even produce regulated accounts for how our money is spent, only find reasons to charge us more and more.

  5. ms soubry is the representative of the area where i live, i would like to ad that i have never seen her in my area when it was election time and have never seen her since . only place i have seen her is when she was a news reporter on telly, regarding leaving the torie party well go ahead you will not be missed, as far as i can see it its a case of a clash of personalities with the prime minister, she lives as far as i know in the same area as ken clarke another has been who lives in past. i wonder if its him that is giving her his backing to try and start another party,,,oh miss soubry i live in broxtowe.

  6. Hope she keeps her words we the People who voted out what no deal with the EU we will go it alone hope she has her letter written she will need it

  7. You are not worthy of being a MP if you are unable to accept a majority vote of the people; it is called democracy. The sooner you give up your fat pay cheque and obscene expenses the better. You will not be missed in the House because, for one thing, it is the likes of you that have brought this country down with overwhelming and out of control immigration. This fact alone caused us Brexiteers to win the referendum so you have shot yourself in the foot by. Goodbye.

  8. Well as there is no such thing as hard or soft brexit, only leave what we voted for or stay in all but name she may as well go now.

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