Swedish conditions are spreading to Norway – Police car set ablaze

Swedish police cars are set on fire whenever thugs get a chance, and now it seems to start spreading to neighboring Norway.

Around 03 o’clock Tuesday night, police in Oslo received reports that a police car was set ablaze, just across the street from the police station.

Some employees at a pub close by had smelled the smoke.

“When they looked out, they saw the police car burning,” says operations manager Line Skott of the Oslo Police District to Dagbladet.

The initial theory by the fire brigade about the cause of the fire was that that a technical failure in the engine had started it, but that theory was quickly dismissed.

“We found an empty gasoline container near the car. Firefighters that were there are also sure that the car was set on fire,” said Skott.

To NTB, Skott says that several patrols are out looking for the perpetrators and that they also talk to employees at gas stations to hear if someone recently has purchased a gasoline container.

Burning cars are not exactly unusual in Oslo, even though burning police cars are.

“I can not remember having experienced it ever in my career. It is a very special case, which we of course take very seriously.

As late as this summer, eleven cars were burned in just one week. Then a man in his early 20’s was arrested in connection with the fires.

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