Why Lisa Ann Prefers Having Sex With NBA Players

NBA All-Star Weekend conveys bounty guests to town. In any case, it’s not quite recently the players who get paid to play. To discover how some of our most loved players may be investing their free energy, we conversed with one of their nearest partners, Lisa Ann—have on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio and star of a porno or two. She converses with _GQ _about why she’ll never connect with more than one person in a group at any given moment, how NBA players are the “Victoria’s Secret models” of ladies, and how she watches the draft each year to choose her next successes:

NBA All-Star Weekend brings plenty visitors to town. But it’s not just the players who get paid to play. To find out how some of our favorite players might be spending their free time, we talked to one of their closest confidants, Lisa Ann—host on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports radio and star of an adult film or two. She talks to _GQ _about why she’ll never hook up with more than one guy on a team at a time, how NBA players are the “Victoria’s Secret models” of women, and how she watches the draft every year to pick out her next conquests :

**Lisa Ann: **My personal relationship with athletes started very young. In the early nineties, athletes could come into strip clubs. I watched everything change when Mike Tyson went to jail. When that happened, everything went underground. I think that was the beginning of agents and PR guys reaching out to girls for their clients and making these incredibly private interactions where some girls would sign a waiver each time to make sure they can’t sue or mention any of it.

Those are very common these days.

It’s never happened to me, because I live in a different world. But I’m one of a very few. At any given time, I’m probably talking to a hundred of today’s athletes by text, DM or email. Out of that hundred, I may only meet 25. But I stay engaged because I’m a fan. The coolest thing about being Lisa Ann is when I follow an athlete on Twitter, he follows me back and DMs me his number because he cannot be seen following me. Years ago, Kevin Durant was following me and I didn’t even know it. As soon as it got blown up, he unfollowed me.

So when I engage, I try to be a voice of reason. First of all, I let them know who I am. I’m not a prostitute. I’m never gonna ask you for money. I do like to go to games, so if you leave me tickets at will call, I’m there. I stay involved with their careers. If they’re injured, I hit them and make sure they’re staying positive. It’s important because they’re lonely on the road.

Some guys will come to me and say, “Hey, this girl reached out to me. What can you tell me about her?” Then I can say whether she’s trustworthy. I tell them what to be prepared for. Lock your wallet, watches or anything valuable in the safe before they invite a girl up. I ask them to take her phone as soon as she gets into the room and put it in the safe as well. Have a serious conversation with her. Be honest.

I normally initiate the conversation. I let them know they can’t just hit me and be like, “Hey, I’m gonna fly you here.” That’s not how it works in my world. So once we get there, some drop off because they’re afraid maybe I want a relationship. Some of them utilize me as a tool. I reach out to some girls and say, “This is a friend of mine.” Now they know I’m in the network and most likely they’re not gonna fuck that guy over.

How many friendships continue after their retirement?

We still keep in touch. They all stay. If they’re not married and they’re single, then I’ll hook up with them. I don’t want to be in anyone’s situation where I have some girl calling me. If I catch them lying, I call them out on it. I will stay friends with them, but I will not engage with them sexually anymore. I could be on the road and have someone come at me. That’s a safety thing. Most of these young guys, I’m their moms age. So I ask them, “Would you want this to happen to your mom?” That guilt I throw at them, I’m training these boys how to be better men.

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